2017. február 22., szerda


Megvannak az útlevelek, olvadnak az utak, melegszik az idő, és a szívünk is, tele hittel, fénnyel, kitartással.

Márciusban megyünk az orosz konzulátusra vízumért, ezt jeleztük feléjük levélben is:

"Hello Russian, American, German, Mongol, Koreans kids - Hello embassies and humanity,

thanks for helping us to save the world, thanks for helping Korean Reunification.
As you know we are the Holy Family with four children and we travel to Korean DMZ by motorhome in accordance with the Book of Revelation by John - all further information and teachings are available in our Facebook pages - as you know in the last year we already left Azores Island in order to join you and help humanity, help Korean Reunification in this hard times but we had to turn back from Russia-EU border (Terehova) because lack of Russian visas - we already sent you email about our Korean Reunification mission in September, 2016 and we had to wait to get new passports for children in winter time, Hungary - so now our passports are done therefore we send you email again to confirm - we are ready to travel to Korean DMZ by motorhome and Korean Reunification Mission by Jesus Kristus is real, not joke - So kids, we are going personally to Russian embassy (Budapest, 1062. Andrássy út 100.) at 20. March, 2017 (15:15 PM), today we reserved this time and date in Russian online visa center in order to meet Russian kids and get visas to travel across Russia and reach Korean DMZ - kids, please note, we are going to Russian embassy (Budapest,1062. Andrássy út 100.) at 20. March, 2017 (15:15 PM) as 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ (Lamb) and Maria Magdalena (Bride) with our four children, so please don't be rude with us, don't degrade down us, don't mock us like in the last year at the Russian border (Terehova) but help and protect our Korean Reunification mission but help us to save humanity, animals and planet Earth.

Please take seriously Korean Reunification, sufferings of Korean people, please take seriously to save the world, this is not joke but real action to help you - thanks kids for your help, thanks for helping to save the world and Korea, we love you so much, we send our love, peace and happiness to you, your best friends and playmates,

Hegedűs Róbert (Lamb), Éri Anita (Bride)
and the children, Hegedűs-Éri Noel (9), Hegedűs-Éri Natasa (7), Hegedűs-Éri Noé (4), Hegedűs-Éri Némó (8 months)"

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